Tokyo One Express

Tokyo One Express was an upfit from an new subdivided space for a fast food Japanese Restaurant. We placed a new concrete floor. We completed demising walls, added new interior walls, and acoustical ceilings. We added plumbing for the kitchen, front line, and (2) restrooms. We provided complete electrical service and fixtures. We also added complete HVAC system including air make up, and additional sprinklers. We provided all front line cabinetry. Finishes included painting throughout and FRP in rear. The tenant provided tile flooring. All equipment hook ups were included. The project was awarded on the basis of time. The project was finished in 60 days, on time.

  • Project:       Tokyo One Express
  • Address:     8634 Camfield Street Suite B
  •                    Charlotte, NC 28277
  • Architect:    C.L. Helt Architect, Inc.