City Cafe

City Café was an amazing transformation from an old, dilapidated, abandoned hardware store to a family style café.The original exterior was crudely laid block, some painted and some unpainted. The concrete floor was ruff and uneven. The flat roof had been neglected, and was leaking badly. The windows were rotten, and broken.We repaired the roof, and added extensive new structure to bring it up to code.We cut concrete for plumbing and electrical underground. All exterior windows and doors were removed, and replaced with new store front glass and hollow metal doors. We added new floor finishes, walls, and ceilings, as well as, complete plumbing, electrical, and HVAC for the restaurant.

  • Project:       City Cafe
  • Address:     101 Kenwood Street
  •                    Belmont, NC 28012
  • Architect:    Curry Design Group, PA
  • Engineer:   Verna Engineering