Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates

This project was a renovation of an existing medical facility. We replaced most of the countertops and created some new work areas and work surfaces with laminates. Finishes included repainting,replacing carpet and VCT flooring. We also added crown mould in the Waiting Room. Handicapped Restrooms were expanded and updated to modern accessibility codes.  We converted some of the exam rooms to offices.

We improved lighting and emergency devises. We added a telephone closet and several new doors. Door hardware was upgraded for ADA.

  • Project:      Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates
  • Address:    2711 Randolph Road Suite 301
  •                   Charlotte, NC 28207
  • Architect:   C.L. Helt Architect, Inc.
  • Engineer:  Corbett Engineering
  • Designer:  Novant Group