Friends 2 the N II

This was a major renovation to the building and site to a 5200 sf existing daycare. We created (6) new restrooms and (2) classroom spaces.

Every finish was changed,   inside and out, including new sheetrock on walls and some ceilings, new acoustical ceilings, flooring, and paint. We replaced the roof and repaired or replaced many structurally damaged areas. The kitchen was renovated and the sinks replaced. Cabinetry and shelving were added. We completely rewired the building with new lighting and many new outlets. We changed out one of the (2) existing HVAC systems and modified the grilles and ductwork on the other. We changed every door but one. A new fire alarm system and security system were added. On the exterior, we added new parking, landscaping, fencing, and handicapped ramps.

During the project, we had to handle a great deal of discoveries, which delayed the project. We still finished the project in a little less that (3) months. The transformation was amazing.

  • Project:            Friends 2 the N II
  • Address:          4313 The Plaza
  •                         Charlotte, NC 28205
  • Architect:         C.L. Helt Architect, Inc.
  • Engineer:        Corbett Thomason
  • Site Engineer: Site and Structure, PC