Ah Spring!

Ah Spring!  At last the leaves are back, the days are longer and brighter. We are welcoming the end to winter.
Business, nationwide, does not seem to be picking up for the construction industry, especially the residential market. However, we have had a good 7 months since July. Though we have not had a project for about a month, we are bidding several commercial projects. We are low bid on a dry cleaners, and are bidding a restaurant and a hair salon next week.

We have developed a good relation with a large general contractor. We actually bid projects to them as a 100% subcontractor. These are projects that they would have referred to us two years ago, but now they need to consider smaller projects because of the economy. Their ability to sell, and their contact base helps us to bring in work. Our expertise and speed on projects of this size, helps them to maintain a good relationship with long standing clients. We also help them to maintain a revenue stream.

In the fall and early winter we completed and upfit for a DMV office, and restored a burned duplex. These projects ran simultaneously. Both had some challenges. The DMV had several existing problems that lead to major HVAC issues. The duplex was a process of discovery as we sifted through the burned unit. Both projects turned out very well. The clients were very pleased with our work.