Well, the president finally admitted what we have known for months. We are in a recession. During the past few months, we have seen a dramatic decrease in commercial projects. We have also received many faxes, emails, letters, and phone calls from suppliers, subcontractor and prospective employees hunting for work. We have heard of residential contractors bidding on commercial work and generals bidding of work for their labor only.

During this slow period we have found one bright spot. We have had the opportunity to remodel residential bathrooms. We completed (3) projects in the past few months, and will start on a multi-room remodel in January. We hope to start a coffee shop in February.

Residential remodels require a great deal of detail. They also require diligent mantainence to keep adjacent finishes clean. We also have to maintain accessablity and privacy for the families living in the house, in the midst of our construction. We must also coordinate several trades to work in a limited space. We must encourage the customer to make timely selections of finishes and fixtures. We must also coordinate inspections where the inspector will not enter the house with no one present.

We have been able to complete sucessful projects with happy customers by paying attention to detail.